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MK Dark and Bright



single-channel projection, ice-chunk 

dimensions variable

2020 MK Dark and Bright 5.jpg

Tsang records and interprets the generic forms of MK day and night. The material built-forms of urbanity (i.e.the iced chair and table in minimal aesthetics) and fluid, open-air, traffic conditions co-existing in MK are videotaped and projected in the cool, central display area as layering, moving images on one big ice-chunk, which serves as the statement of the artist. Images, on the other side, are gradually frozen for a few hours and suddenly melted to suggest the inevitable transformation/ contrast of life we confront every day. 

Mong Kok is an interesting district; it not only brings people together from all walks of life, but it is also a melting pot of various cultures. People and the environment influence each other in ways that lead to gradual changes, which often escape our attention.

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