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Matthew Tsang Man Fu 曾敏富

Matthew Tsang Man Fu is a Hong Kong visual artist. He completed his BFA in 2009 and MFA in 2016, both with RMIT, Australia. His works investigate the relationship between time, change, process, and materiality. He works mainly with a variety of natural materials including wood, ice, and charcoal, and utilises processes including burning, melting, and freezing. His artworks are presented in installation, video, photographs, and sculptural objects. Since 2012 he has been a part-time lecturer at Hong Kong Art School. Tsang's work was exhibited in Hong Kong and overseas and collected by private collectors. In 2018 he was awarded Austronesian International Arts Award-Grand Prize and invited to participate in Harbour Art Sculpture Park.


曾敏富,香港視覺藝術家,分別於2009年及2016年獲頒澳洲墨爾本皇家理工大學藝術學士和碩士學位。曾氏從作品中探索時間、轉變、過程和物質之間的關係,主要運用不同的天然物料,例如紙、木、冰、炭,利用火燒、融化和凍結等過程來創作,並以裝置、錄像、攝影和雕塑等方式來呈現。於2012年開始成為香港藝術學院兼任導師。曾氏作品在多個香港和海外展覧展出及獲私人收藏,於2018 年獲邀參加《藝遊維港》雕塑展,同年榮獲南島美術獎-首獎。


2016 - MFA, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia


2009 - BAFA,  Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University, Australia


獎 項 與 榮 譽   AWARDS AND HONORS 

2018 - 2018 Austronesian International Arts Award-Grand Prize


2017 - Selected Award in the Open Competition for Public Art Scheme of Tsun Yip Street Playground, presented by the

Leisure & Cultural Services Department 

駿業街遊樂場公共藝術計劃入選獎, 香港康樂及文化事務署主辦



2022 - Nile Group Exhibition, Unit 11 Cattle Depot Artist Village


2021 - Go with the Flow Solo Exhibition by Cordelia Tam, Hong Kong Visual Arts Center

《清心順行》譚若蘭作品展, 香港視覺藝術中心


2023  - Hk Arts Festival @ Tai Kwun 2023, Tai Kwun Lower Hall E

《香港藝術節@大館》,  大館E倉低層


2021 - 1a space @ Art Fair 2021, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hong Kong

《1a空間@ 藝術博覽會 2021》, 香港會議展覽中心


2020 - XX – An Exhibition Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Hong Kong Art School, Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Art Centre

《XX ─ 香港藝術學院二十周年展覽》, 香港藝術中心包氏畫廊


2019 - Existential Dialectic – Exhibition, Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, L1-Gallery, Hong Kong

《存在的跳躍-藝術展》, 香港賽馬會創意藝術中心 L1-Gallery

Matthew Tsang Man Fu Solo Exhibition Change of Dimensions, KC100 Art Space, Hong Kong


Solo Exhibition, Art @ the Bay: Time and Transformation, The Repulse Bay, Hong Kong

個人展《Art @the Bay時間流動》,香港淺水灣影灣園

Art Central, Central Harborfront, Hong Kong

《Art Central》,香港中環海濱

Kowloon City Art Festival @ West Kowloon, Art Park-West Kowloon Cultural District, Hong Kong


2018 - Listen Up?!, 1a Space, Hong Kong

《 聽話?! 》,1A 空間,香港牛棚藝術村

Social Transformations, Pao Gallery, Hong Kong Art Centre

《Social Transformations》, 包氏畫廊,香港藝術中心

2018 Austronesian International Arts Award, Taitung Art Museum

《2018南島國際美術獎》, 臺東美術館


Sculpture Contemporary 2018, Fine Art Asia 2018, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

《雕塑當代2018》, 典亞藝博2018, 香港會議展覽中心


ON DRAWING, Hui Gallery, New Asia College, CUHK, HK

《素描關係》, 中文大學新亞書院許氏文化館, ,香港

Harbour Arts Sculpture Park, Central and Western District Promenade, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong Academy for

Performing Arts, Western Garden, Edinburgh Place

《藝遊維港》, 愛丁堡廣場, 中西區海濱長廊, 香港藝術中心, 香港演藝學院, 西公園

2017 - Deep Silence, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

《靜聽深度》, 包氏畫廊,香港藝術中心

 One’s Origin Art Exhibition 2017, Upper Level, Block G, Jao Tsung-I Academy, Hong Kong

《歸一》2017 藝術展覽, 饒宗頤文化館G座上層

 Beyond the Journey RMIT University Master of Fine Art Graduate Exhibition 2017, Pao Galleries,

 Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong

《Beyond the Journey》澳洲皇家墨爾本理工大學藝術碩士畢業展2017,包氏畫廊,香港藝術中心

 Public Art Scheme of Tsun Yip Street Playground—Exhibition of the Shortlisted Proposals, Fly the Flyover 01

《駿業街遊樂場公共藝術計劃—入圍提案展覽》, 反轉天橋底 1號場

 Man-Made by Nature, Exhibition Gallery, High Block City Hall, Hong Kong



2016 - World and Heaven – Hong Kong Sculpture Biennial, Hong Kong Art school, Hong Kong

《天上人間 – 香港雕朔雙年展》,香港藝術學院

 Where the end is the beginning – Matthew Tsang Man Fu Solo exhibition,1a Space, Hong Kong

《物盡源起 – 曾敏富作品展》,1A 空間,香港牛棚藝術村

 The Museum of International Connectivity, The Dirty Dozen, Melbourne, Australia


2015 - Passageway, The Gallery of Hong Kong Art School, Hong Kong Arts Centre



2014 - Burning, Rooftop Space, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


2013 - Mould 1st Shot-Matthew Tsang man fu Solo Exhibition, Front Side Gallery, JCCAC, Hong Kong

《模塑– 曾敏富個人展》,正/側畫廊,香港賽馬會創意藝術中心

 Free Space Festival 2013, West Kowloon Waterfront Promenade, Hong Kong


 Grounded: Ping Yeung School of Art Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ping  Yeung School,

 Hong Kong



2012 - Thirteen, Langford 120, Melbourne, Australia


2011 - Chatter Jabber, Hong Kong Art Workshop, Hong Kong



2010 - Publication Art Exhibition Cotton Tree, East Kowloon Art and Cultural Initiation Scheme,

Kwun Tong Promenade, Hong Kong

《木‧棉- 公共空間藝術展覽》東九龍文化藝術播種計劃,香港觀塘海濱公園


2009 - New Trend 2009, Art Commune, Hong Kong


 On And Beyond – BFA Graduation Exhibition, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre,

 Hong Kong




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