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Tai Kwun_Distance_2023_27-DSC06009.JPG

This work is a multimedia visual art installation in the “Voice of Verse: fourth iteration” project. It is situated at Tai Wan – a place uniting heritage with the modern creative experience. The visual artist Matthew Tsang makes use of the multi-media interactive installation to present the poetic imagination of Kwan Muk Nam and Wong Leung Wo and his own reflections on technologies in modern living. The fresh sensory experience of the work explores the connection between poems and visual arts and contemplates the role of technology in life.


Through the exchange of artistic and life experiences with the two poets, Matthew investigated the interrelationship between visual elements and poetic language, the challenges of a lifestyle overflowed with new technologies and visual information, the significance of virtual as against reality in life, and the subtle differences occasioned by varying distance with people and things around us. The artist distills words, images, sounds … etc. from elements of art and poetry and through the work’s interactive medium, creates a fixed technological installation in which audiences can interact and experience multi-facet artistic experiences.


The work is the product of the exchange between the artist and the poets. Consolidating elements of visual arts and poetry, it aims to lead audiences to a brief encounter with a space filled with imagination, emotions, and culture.

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