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Exhibition period: 

Aug 11 to Sep 12, 2018

Venue : Tai Tung Art Museum, Tai Wan


Artist: Cordelia Tam and Matthew Tsang

Perusing Time, 2018,


cement, chaff, bamboo, farming tools, paper, cotton thread

dimensions variable


Taitung Art Museum, Taiwan (2018 Austronesian International Arts Award-Grand Prize)

​In search of what is missing from the fast-paced city life in Hong Kong, we have come to Chihshang in Taitung.  We are mesmerized by the sceneries of this open country and "town of rice", and are equally impressed by its people.  Come from different origins, some Austronesian (mostly Amis), Chihshang people live here harmoniously, as if rice has gathered them together in this place and joined them into a farming community.

In our work circle is the main theme, as inspired by the harmony of the Chihshang people, the cycle of the four seasons and the circle dance during Amis' harvest festival.   The round movement of traditional farming tools, on top of circles made from sand, soil and crust, testifies to the use of these tools by Austronesian generations after generations to create their home on this earth.  Waste papers are collected locally and made into translucent recycle people, turning them into the sky and the clouds through which sunshine blesses the land and its people.

Chihshang people are people who can genuinely appreciate the value of time, as time allows them to peruse the gifts of nature and the gifts of life.  It is a piece of work we dedicate to them, paying respect to their traditional wisdom and the perfect harmony of sky, earth and mankind seen in this place.

Installation view

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