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Deep Silence

The 29 artists featured in this exhibition are graduates of the Hong Kong Art School. All of them are practising artists, some have already developed their own style with mature skills while others are new faces to the local art scene. Some of them focus on the examination and study of media and materials. Others attach importance to man’s inner thoughts, which serve as the foundation for their wide range of works.

The exhibition is titled “Deep Silence”. We hope that the audience may look at the artists’ exquisite ways of seeing things and listen to the words deeply embedded in their works, even though the words may sound like a whisper in a world where noises dominate and in a restless age full of anxieties. The participating artists may have different starting points in the world of art and have taken different paths in their art pursuit, but each of them has his/her own perspective and reflection on life and existence. Each has his/her own story to tell.

What makes this exhibition more meaningful is that the participants and organisers are all alumni of the Hong Kong Art School. Part of the gain from the sales of works will also be donated to the School for development use. “Deep Silence” has reunited many who spent their art training years with the Hong Kong Art School. Behind the creativity of the works are the persistence of the artists, the effort of the Hong Kong Art School to fulfil the mission of art education, and the continuous care, strong bond and unfailing support between the alumni.

Hong Kong Art School Alumni Network


Deep silence

開放時間 Open Hours13 - 29.12.201710am - 8pm開幕 Opening12.12.2017 (Tue)6:00pm 酒會 Cocktail Reception6:30pm 開幕禮 Opening Ceremony

Venue : Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

出席嘉賓 Attending Guests

Ms. Eve Tam (Museum Director of the Hong Kong Museum of Art)
香港藝術學院督導委員會主席邱詠筠女士, JP
Ms. Winnie Chiu, JP (Chairman of the Hong Kong Art School Council)
Ms. Connie Lam (Executive Director of the Hong Kong Arts Centre)
香港藝術學院Alumni Network主席李美娟女士
Ms. Carol Lee Mei Kuen (Chairman of Hong Kong Art School Alumni Network)

參展藝術家 Participating Artists

陳翹康 Chan Kiu Hong, Joe 
陳佩玲 Peggy Chan 
陳思光 Chan See Kwong, Ray 
陳 閃 Sim Chan 
陳沁昕 Tap Chan 
陳麗雲 Movana Chen 
鄭禮仁 Ryan Christopher Cheng 
鄭怡敏 Cheng Yee Man 
張康生 Enoch Cheung 
張施烈 Szelit Cheung 
張偉樂 Cheung Wai Lok 
張煒詩 Rachel Cheung 
程詩賢 Ching Sze Yin, Cicy 
方梓亮 Fong Tsz Leong, Argus 
香建峰 Heung Kin Fung, Alex 
葉曉燕 Ip Hiu Yin, Rachel 
簡喬倩 Kan Kiu Sin, Tobe 
林佑森 Lam Yau Sum 
劉學成 Lau Hok Shing 
劉彥揚 Lau Yin Yeung 
李美娟 Lee Mei Kuen, Carol 
盧樂謙 Him Lo 
馬琼珠 Ivy Ma 
文美桃 Man Mei To 
倪鷺露 Lulu Ngie 
潘輝煌 Poon Fai Wong, Nick 
冼朗兒 Stephanie Sin 
曾敏富 Tsang Man Fu, Matthew 
黃愷琳 Wong Hoi Lam, Karen

Presented by
香港藝術中心 Hong Kong Arts Centre

Co-presented by
香港藝術學院 Alumni Network
Hong Kong Art School Alumni Network

Media partners
藝們 Altermodernists 
點子藝術創作 Pointsman Art Creation

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