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Exhibition Title:

RMIT MFA Graducation Exhibition HK 2017 - Beyond the Journey

Exhibition period: 

Sep 08-18, 2017

Venue : Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

“Beyond the Journey” presents a suite of works by eleven artists from the 2016 /17 RMIT Master of Fine Arts program. During their two years of study, these practitioners have shared a commonality of exploration bringing to the fore their life experiences and their distinctive modes of expression. As a result, the exhibition reveals diversity in creativity and aesthetic experiences, expressed through painting, photography, video, sculpture and installation. These works are born from the joy and demands of art making. They are produced and arranged to facilitate personal interpretation and rumination on our place in the scheme of things. 

Show Opening 

Installation view

Time Drift, 2015, installation, burnt aluminium foil, dimensions variable 

Before Collapse, 2015, installation, charcoal object, dimensions variable 

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