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Artists: Cordelia Tam Yeuk-lan, Matthew Tsang Man-fu, Connie Ho Sau-ling, Yuen Ying-sum and Sharifa Leung


Stitching Memory, 2019

Stainless steel, LED

240(h) x 350 x 300 cm

This sewing machine with a vintage look is reminiscent of the days when many local women used their sewing skills to augment their stretched family budgets. The garment factories in the 1970s in Kwun Tong relied heavily on the skills and dedication of young female workers. The Stitching Memories is a token of gratitude to these women who spent their youth by the sewing machines, and honours their significant contribution to the success of Hong Kong's garment industry and the social and economic developments of the local community.

Female garment workers who worked in Kwun Tung have shared with us their memories of their working lives and their laborious work in interviews. Silhouettes of these women are captured as part of the public art display, and the monotonous steps involved in manufacturing clothings are woven into the lace patterns on the artwork as reminders of their diligence and spirit. Illuminated at night, the artwork tells their story in an almost cinematic setting.

The theme of "stitching" continues beyond this "sewing machine", as it should remind the local community of its garment manufacturing heritage and connects the former factory location with the new developments. This fusion of the old and the new underpins the deep emotional roots of Kwun Tong locals and invokes cherished memories of the golden days of Hong Kong's garment industry.

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